Image by Creation Studios

Image by Creation Studios

I received flowers. How do I make them last?

Simple. Here are some basics...

  • Change vase water daily

  • Remove any individual stems that are dying, or foliage that may be below water level -- This decreases bacterial growth and prolongs the life of the other flowers in the vase.

  • Keep arrangement out of direct sun, and away from heat.


Do you have a storefront? Where are you located? Can I visit?

No, We do not have storefront. We operate out of our new country studio in Newnan, Ga.    We love visitors, but since we don't have regular business hours, we ask that you please call before dropping in.


Do you have a minimum budget for weddings or events?

Nope! We love all parties, big or small!


Do you deliver? 

Everything we do is custom designed and delivered to our clients. Delivery will be discussed when order is placed.